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Maine and New Hampshire Problems with Ice Dams

Problems with ice Dams in Maine and New Hampshire

Winter is coming and Ice dams are often seen in Maine and New hampshire during the Winter Months.  if ice dames occur they should be inspected by a QUALIFIED INSPECTOR

Maine and New Hampshire Ice dams

  • An ice dam is a ridge of ice that forms at the edge of a roof and prevents melting snow from draining. As water backs up behind the dam, it can leak through the roof and cause damage to walls, ceilings, insulation, and other areas.
  • Ice dams are most often caused by inadequate attic insulation.
  • Gutters do not cause ice dams to form, contrary to popular belief. Gutters do, however, help concentrate ice from the dam in a vulnerable area, where parts of the house can peel away under the weight of the ice and come crashing to the ground.
As a local home inspector operating in Maine and New Hampshire  I often find issues related to ice dams.
Below are listed common problems Associated with Ice Dams often occur in Maine and New Hampshire:
  • rotted roof decking, exterior and interior walls, and framing;
  • respiratory illnesses (allergies, asthma, etc.) caused by mold growth;
  • reduced effectiveness of insulation. Wet insulation doesn’t work well, and chronically wet insulation will not decompress even when it dries. Without working insulation, even more heat will escape to the roof where more snow will melt, causing more ice dams, which, in turn, will lead to leaks; and
  • peeling paint. Water from the leak will infiltrate wall cavities and cause paint to peel and blister. This may happen long after the ice dam has melted and thus not appear directly related to the ice dam.


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